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89.1 Max FM

Listener Testimonials and Feedback

See what your neighbours are saying about the new local radio station for Orillia and Muskoka, Sunshine 89!

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Last month my wife & I were chosen for the $500 Leon's gift certificate toward a Samsung appliance. We have been debating on replacing our aged dishwasher which was in our home when we moved in 6 years ago! Today; we purchased a new Samsung dishwasher and used the certificate for part of the payment. We greatly appreciate the gift certificate which we received through your radio station. Also; we would like to acknowledge Geoff at Leon's for his exceptional customer service.
- Don, Orillia

Congratulations on being Orillia's best radio station! I enjoy the morning show, jazz in the evenings and folk music with Sandi B. Nice to have local news & activities mixed with good music - congratulations & lots of success.
- Jamie, Orillia

I always have the tunes on when driving and in the workshop, and all the local stations seem to play a few decent songs, then before i know it, I'm asking myself "whats that garbage?" Since i started listening to your station a few weeks ago, there has been none of that; it's just all good listening! keep up the good work!
- Rick, Gravenhurst

Just wanted to say I enjoy listening to your your radio station each morning before I head out to work - great job!
- Sherry, Orillia

Started listening last week & love it. Last night called friends who love jazz to listen Tues. & Wed. night... great background music for reading.Mentioned it this morning at our Probus Club meeting and I'm sure many people will now tune in. Any time of day is just super DJ's, news, items of interest, and music. Keep up the great work!
- Marge & John, Barrie

Wow... what a surprise heading into cottage country last weekend. While winging the dial I tripped on 89.1. Being very familiar with radio in Simcoe County, it took me a few minutes to realize... It’s new... where is it? “The Sunshine Station”. It must be Orillia. And then I heard the words “Bayshore Broadcasting”, and the picture was complete. Serving Ontario one community at a time is great idea. Needless to say the dial stayed on 89.1 both in the cottage and the car for the weekend. Doing a great job.....I know because I’ve been around radio for a “few” years. Keep up the great work.
- Jim Armstrong, Port Severn/Richmond Hill

Welcome to Orillia and sorry to have missed your grand opening.  I tune in frequently to your station and am enjoying the sounds from the Sunshine City. Yes, other stations are out there and we hear the same things over and over.  Your station is refreshing and it is "our own".  Best of luck and seeing as how I have a friend working with you, Jen C. makes it even more special.  Cheers and much success to all.
- Kathie, Lagoon City

Thanks and congratulation on your new Radio station. I'm listening to it on my way to work everyday. Seems you are the only people who understand that Hwy 400 north of Barrie doesn't disappear off the end of the world after the Labor day weekend. We need to know what's happening up our way too, especially in the winter. Thanks again!
- Jane, Waubaushene

Congratulations on a boffo start-up!  Terrific pacing, community identification (and news) dead on, fantastic promos, timely Orillia-tailored weather and traffic reports, sharp tie-ins with Mariposa Market and other first-class Sunshine City merchandisers and a great on-air team. I predict a long and rewarding relationship between Orillia and Bayshore.
- James A. "Pete" McGarvey, long-time Toronto broadcaster and Orillia resident. Orillia's "Citizen of the Year" in 1957.

We have been listeners of Barrie's **** for YEARS.  While building our house the radio was on from early morning, well into the night and we listened to what seemed like the same 10 songs over and over ad nauseum!!!!  We are delighted with your music format and still don't think we've heard the same song twice.  Welcome to the neighbourhood, we're hooked on Sunshine 89.1.
- Catherine, Oro

I attended the official Grand Opening of Sunshine Radio this afternoon and found everyone warm and welcoming. Nice to see the local politicians and others supporting this new venture. Your entire crew were very accessible. There was a lot of energy in the room, looks like everyone is having a great time. I finally have a radio station that feels like home.
- Pat, Orillia

Couldn't make it to the opening... just wanted to say that you have a great station... I can finally listen to an area radio station and enjoy it. Thank you! Keep up the good work.
- Carole, Severn Bridge

I would like to thank you because now I can listen to you at work. THANK YOU very very much. You are the #1 radio station in Ontario in my books. I will enjoy your radio station at work.
- Roger, Orillia

I just want to say you have a great radio station. You have also put Orillia on the map thats cool we have our own radio station for our city. We listen to it all the time. Thanks!
- Jennifer, Orillia

I am thrilled to hear your Saturday night oldies format.  Great songs that are not all the same ones they play on oldies am radio stations.  I've got my book, my glass of wine, the fires on and so is 89.1! Also finally a station to wake up to without the constant nattering and drivel that is on every other station out there. Keep doing what you're doing!
- Allan, Orillia

Tuned your station in for first time today, and liked what I heard. Have been avid **** listener for years cause I like the music but also like easy listening which you seem to have for music. Will start listening to 89.1 now after what I heard today. Anyway just wanted to say so far you sound good and will continue to listen daily!! Glad to see you have hourly thorough news and weather. Love your slogan "Voice of the Twin Lakes" cause that is something Orillia has that Barrie does not and we should be promoting that!  So well done and keep up the good work and good EASY LISTENING MUSIC. I am a born and raised Orillian but of course have lived many other places but been back in Orillia now for 12 years. Take care and all the best.
- Robert, Orillia

Oh boy oh boy... hello and welcome. I need a radio show that doesn't involve too much country music and no signal fade. Now is perfect timing for the Sunshine 89.1 team.
- Brian, Orillia

Hi guys! I want to congratulate you all on the newest radio in Orillia. It's sounding great so far! I was traveling throughout the County and had excellent reception in the car. Great job! Looking forward to listening more this week.
- Matt, Orillia

I started tuning in to Sunshine a few days ago when the station launched. It sounds great! I like the music and I'm looking forward to the official launch.
- Erin, Oro-Medonte

I wanted to congratulate you for establishing this new alternative for local broadcasting in Orillia! Although I moved to Alberta in 2008, I still have family in Orillia and try to keep up with news and events in the area. Best wishes for your success!
- Mark, Alberta

Good music... on in the car 100%
- Brent, Severn Bridge

This is the best! We live in Washago and our business is in Orillia. The drive to work in the winter can change drastically between Orillia and Washago. It will be so nice to hear Orillia weather updates! The music has been fabulous, definitely our kind of music. The mix is perfect, not too much new and a lot of the oldies but goodies. Welcome Sunshine 89.1, we wish you huge success and great support from our community. We are glad you have arrived!
- Don and Karin, Washago

Picked up your station by fluke on the weekend. Love it, bigtime! Hope you don't change. Played you all weekend.
- Paul, Alcona

Just a note to let you know I saw you at the Coldwater Christmas parade. Now I listen to your station every day.
- Ken, Coldwater

Welcome! Like what I have heard so far. Keep up the good work.
- Rick, Barrie

I just happened to find your station one day! I LOVE IT!! I will make sure to change all the radio stations at work. It is great to hear weather and road reports and know that you are talking about MY city and not somewhere south of here. Thanks.
- Teena, Orillia

Love the station!
- Glenn, Township of Severn

Been enjoying your music, and local news. You are coming through loud and clear.
- Ben, Orillia

Just wanted to let you know we have started listening to 89.1 and love it!
- Dianna, Udora

Enjoying your radio station so far in the mornings to wake up to. I have tried a dozen stations in the am, but eventually they drive me crazy with their non-stop "nattering and drivel" between the hosts. Not hearing that from you two which is refreshing and doesn't insult our intelligence. Please keep up this refreshing format!
- John, Orillia

It's about time! You are all doing a fantastic job. News report - LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL - all reporting concise. Great presence, all the best in the future, staying right here in the Twin Lakes area... the best spot in Southern Ontario!
- Leona Marie, Orillia

Thanks for giving us a great new station. Good content/program mix. Local news, weather very handy. Great start, keep up the good work.
- Jaan, Orangeville

Have been listening to your station since you started up and it is awesome. Keep up the great work. Just great music!
- Darlene, Severn Bridge

Welcome to the neighborhood. I listen at work, home, and in the truck!
- Frederick, Orillia

Welcome to the area! We need a new voice here. Good luck.
- Peter, Coldwater

Love your station so far. Picked it up coming up Highway 12 south of Beaverton so I know you are getting a good range. So nice to have a station that is proud to be Orillia. No other local media seems to have that dedication... Good luck on your venture and looking forward to many years of great listening.
- Bob, Orillia

Hi Sunshine - I live on the shore at Waubaushene, and am receiving you loud and clear. I'm quite happy with your broadcast so far. I'm glad you have the GOOD weather by John Wilson. The mix of music is pretty good to my ear. Keep up the good work!
- Jim, Waubaushene

Hi - Just to let you know we love your new station and have changed all radios, house and cars to 89.1. Thanks!
- Barbara, Oro

Just a note to say its so nice to have a local station and you guys are doing a great job. Love your station!
- Kim, Barrie

So far really good!
- Rick, Orillia

Your radio station is AWESOME! Happy New Year!
- Pamela, Orillia

So far I am loving 89.1! Will you have a Facebook page coming soon?
- Kathie, Orillia

How do I listen to you from my computer?
- Andrea, London

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