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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Social Media Attacks Against Women Accusing Patrick Brown Of Sexual Misconduct

Ottawa | by Ian MacLennan  
Brown's accusers tell CTV News they have been dragged through the social media gutter.

CTV News is reporting the two women who came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against former Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown have been victims of a campaign to discredit them.

Brown resigned as leader but denies the allegations.

Both women told CTV they have been dragged through the social media gutter.

One of Brown's accusers now admits she was of legal drinking age and out of high school.

A lawyer for one of the alleged victims, David Butt, tells CTV the backlash, misogyny, hatred and online trolling has really taken a toll.

Meantime, a PR advisor assisting the Simcoe North MPP, says Brown has hired a private investigator and someone to do forensics to try and refute the allegations.


Full statement from first Brown accuser

"I stand absolutely by the truth of what I said to CTV.

There is nothing in what Patrick Brown alleges that undermines the core truth of what I have experienced with him.

I am not prepared to engage in a tit for tat in the media about the precise details of how I was victimized, beyond what I already disclosed to CTV.

I can say that going public with this incident has exposed me to verbal abuse that no human being deserves.

The comments made about me on social media were demeaning, victim-blaming and misogynistic. My privacy was invaded, my character was assassinated, and I was subjected to gratuitous slurs about my private life and relationships.

The comments that I have been subjected to ignore altogether the abuse of power by an older sober man over a young intoxicated woman in this case. The comments construct a false, discriminatory and cruel misrepresentation of the truly debilitating stress the women who are subjected to sexualized abuses of power have to endure.

I made my experience public because I wanted to help other women feel safe in coming forward themselves. Instead, what I have experienced is cruel, uninformed backlash. This demonstrates that if we are to attain true gender equality, we still have a long way to go. As Canadian I am saddened with the reactions of far too many people on social media.

There are many, many people who still stand behind me, and I want to say thank you to them. This whole experience has been tremendously difficult for me. It is now time for me to focus on moving beyond this painful ordeal surrounded by those that care for me."


Full statement from lawyer David Butt

"These are the sorts of collateral details that inevitably fade over time. Equally importantly, collateral detail witnesses themselves often have the same frailties of faded memory and/or their own reasons for giving answers that distance themselves from controversy. These sorts of issues arise routinely in historical cases and cannot be blamed on survivors, because coming forward is such a difficult act for which it often takes years to gather the strength and courage."


Full statement from second Brown accuser

"Having read the statements made by Patrick Brown to Postmedia and in his Facebook post over the weekend, I continue to stand by the detailed account of these events that I have previously provided to CTV."

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