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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

OPP Hosts Day of Remembrance

Orillia | by Ken Hashizume  
Guest speaker Priscilla de Villiers believes a lot has been done but men need to get involved in stopping violence.

Ceremonies were held across Canada to remember the 14 women killed at a Montreal University 28 years ago.
A lone gunman opened fire inside a classroom at Ecole de Polytechnique on December 6, 1989.
14 others were wounded before the gunman took his own life.
There was a ceremony in Orillia at the OPP General Headquarters on Wednesday.
The ceremony included the lighting of candles and a presentation by guest speaker Priscilla de Villiers.
de Villiers' daughter was murdered by a sexual predator out on parole two years after the Montreal massacre.
de Villiers says a lot of attention has been paid towards all forms of violence against women.
She says there is more focus towards the emotional, psychological, and physical aspects of domestic assault where as before it was just centered on the sexual aspect.
de Villers says there needs to be a change in the societal attitude on domestic violence.
She says women often don't come forward because of being identified as a victim and it could affect their future.
de Villers says men are starting to become aware that they need to be involved in stopping violence against women.
She recalls one instance where a Grade 12 student made a remark and later re-cused himself recognizing what he said was inappropriate.

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