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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fire Prevention Week

Orillia | by Ian MacLennan  
Look. Listen. Be Aware. Fire can happen anywhere.

This is Fire Prevention Week and this year's theme is Look.  Listen.  Be Aware.  Fire can happen anywhere.

Orillia Chief Fire Prevention Officer Paul Barritt says historically the focus has been on our homes, but the idea this year is for people to be aware of their surroundings, whether it is in the home, a shopping mall or any building they may not be familiar with.

Barritt says in any place,  a person should be aware of two ways of exiting a building,  and they should also take notice of things such as exit signs and fire extinguishers,  which he says are simple things that might help in the event of a fire.

As for homes,  Barritt says in Orillia,  most of the the new housing stock have smoke alarms hardwired,  and many have combination units--both smoke and carbon monxoide.

What the fire department has discovered is there are many homes in Orillia where the smoke and co alarms have expired,  with life span of 10 years for new units and 7 years for older ones.

When you do replace them,  Barritt recommends going with a dual purpose so there is no more than one device to worry about.

If you have any questions about fire safety, including your smoke and co alarm,  Barritt says never hesitate to contact the fire department and they will come over and do an inspection.

According to Fire Prevention Canada,  fire kills eight people each week in Canada, with residential fires accounting for 73% of these fatalities.

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