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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Proposed New By-Law To Regulate Taxis And Ride Sharing Serivces

Orillia | by Ken Hashizume  
Public meeting will be held to gather input from taxi industry and other transportation services

There could a new by-law in Orillia regulating taxis and ride sharing operations like Uber.

A draft of the by-law was introduced at last night's (MON) Council Committee meeting.

The recommendation would see a public meeting be held in May to solicit input from the public as well as taxi companies, limousine services, and other transportation services.

Mayor Steve Clarke says taxis are heavily regulated by the City and their concern is a company like Uber can come in and not have to be subject to these regulations.

He says that could result in an unlevel playing field.

Clarke says if they are able to create a level playing field, it will result in a more competitive market.

He says the result would see the consumer win in the end.

Clarke says the draft by-law would still have regulations that all parties will have to abide.

He says things like background checks and vehicle safety checks would still be enforced.

The results of the consultation process will be presented to Council in June.

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