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Monday, March 12, 2018

Distracted Driving Blitz

Aurora | by Ian MacLennan  
Police say distracted driving was responsible for 83-deaths on OPP-patrolled roads last year.

Provincial police will be spending the March Break targeting distracted drivers,

A week-long blitz began today(MON).

Police say distracted driving was responsible for 83 deaths on OPP-patrolled roads last year,  and for the fifth straight,  more than speed-related fatalities,  alcohol and drug-related deaths,  as well as drivers who were not buckled up.

OPP Sgt Kerry Schmidt says about 700 people have died since 2009 because of distracted driving, and countless more number of people have been hurt, and tens of thousands of collisions have happened as a result of people not paying attention.

Schmidt says distracted driving doesn't mean just using a cellphone.

He says it is also sorts of inattentive behaviours,  from reading, eating and daydreaming,  to just not looking down the road to anticipate what's coming up.

Schmidt says the message to drivers is to put their hands on the steering wheel and their head in the game,  to put down the phone and be safe.

The fine for distracted driving ranges from between $400 and $1,000, as well as three demerit points.

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